Relocating To Lake George? A Guide To 5 Outdoor Activities To Engage In


Purchasing a luxurious home in one of the most affluent neighborhoods of New York is a lifetime crucial decision. For years, Lake George has undoubtedly been one of the upscale neighborhoods in New York, no wonder many discerning home buyers flock here yearly. That said, it’s no secret that the competitiveness in the local housing market is the primary reason you are required to partner with a real estate professional.

With a local realtor by your side, you will be able to effortlessly traverse Lake George NY homes for sale. This way, you will locate your dream home challenge-free. In addition, besides offering a lavish lifestyle, there are lots of things to do in Lake George, throughout the year. Read on to learn some amazing outdoor activities you should try out while living in Lake George.

1.     Visit the Fort William Henry Museum

Situated at the south end of Lake George, Fort William Henry Museum speaks more about the history of this city. It was originally built in 1755 during the commencement of the French-Indian War. Here, you and your beloved can spend a day engaging with historians as you learn more about the ancient military demonstration. Your kids can also dress like militants as they get educated about old military commands. Overall, visiting this historical landmark will not only leave you educated but will also allow you to enjoy quality outdoor time with your family.

2.     Take A Stroll In The Lake George Waterfront Cruises

Imagine enjoying scenic views of the spectacular Lake George city as you cruise over the waters. The waterfront features several cruise ships offering residents memorable experiences throughout the year. Once you book your spot on the cruise ship, get ready to enjoy the pristine waters of Lake George, stunning islands, and the amazing mountain backdrop. You can also enjoy your favorite meal as you gaze upon the beauty of Lake George.

3.     Explore The Six Flags Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor

If you’re looking for a destination with something for your entire family, the Six Flags Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor is the place to be. With over 100 rides, you and your kids will enjoy the premier outdoor activities of this area. With family-friendly water rides and its tropical paradise, you won’t want to miss out again visiting here with your kids.

4.     Go shopping at Lake George Village Mall

This paradise-like shopping mall is one of the pillars that enhance togetherness in the Lake George community. Encompassing over 40 different retailers, this mall serves as a perfect spot for residents to pick whatever they need for their day-to-day living. From fashion, and jewelry to baby shops, you’re sure to find various specialty items here.

5.     Check Out Lake George Vibrant Restaurants

Another way to enjoy quality time is by sampling through the amazing culinary scene in Lake George. Undoubtedly, you will find plenty of waterfront restaurants serving both local and international dishes. If you love fresh farm-to-the-table meals, be sure to visit the exceptional dining scene in Lake George. Consider checking in with vibrant food joints like Mario’s restaurant, Tap Room, and Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen.

Are You Ready To Settle In Lake George NY?

In addition to luxurious living, you will find no shortage of memorable things to do in Lake George. If you plan buying a home in Lake George and don’t know how, feel free to contact Sherwood Group LLC. With years of experience and extensive networks in Lake George real estate, this expert team will ensure you locate your dream home. Get in touch with them today!