Planning to Buy Kitchen or Bathroom Countertops: Avoid these Mistakes at All Costs


Whether you are buying countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, you want a material that can last a long time and complements the overall theme or style of your home. Your budget, aesthetic preferences, and where the countertops will go impact your choice of Granite au Sommet Quartz countertops. However, because of your excitement and the many options available on the market, you can make costly mistakes that can negatively affect your renovation project. Knowing these mistakes will let you avoid making them. They include the following:

Going Beyond What You Have Budget For

Any home improvement project begins with a budget. You want to pick a countertop that is within your price range and does not make you overspend. If your budget is limited, find a designer who can help you establish a budget. But as much as you want to save on the materials, never sacrifice their quality for the price. 

Not Picking the Right Material

Opinions from design magazines, shows, and social media make it hard to pick the right countertop for your home. When it comes to countertops, you need to achieve a balance between appearance and function. 

If you prefer a countertop material that is maintenance-free and stain-resistant, invest in quartz countertops.  When you opt for quartz, you will not worry about water penetration. Meanwhile, you should get granite countertops cookeville tn if you want artistic beauty from them. Granite is available in a lot of budgets, textures, and colour options. But they can require maintenance and annual resealing.

Picking the Wrong Colour

When it comes to countertop colours, you should avoid something that is too busy as they can compete with the flooring. As a result, your space will look quite busy. Also, do not use two countertop colours in the same space. Sometimes, this can make your space look mismatched. When it comes to the countertop’s edge profile, pick one that compliments the cabinet door pattern. 

Thinking that Stone Countertops are Indestructible

It is important to know that granite is porous, not heat-proof, and can scratch. Also, quartz can stain. When you install granite or quartz countertops, make sure you use a cutting board. Also, although granite is resistant to heat, it’s not heat-proof. Heat pads and trivets must be used to protect your countertops. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Finally, failing to follow these rules can void the warranty of your supplier. So, give your countertops the much-needed TLC.