Living the Good Life in Southampton, NY


Located on New York’s renowned Long Island, Southampton is popularly known as a “beach town.” However, there is much more to this picturesque town than the sand and waves. Whether you are an art lover, history buff, wine enthusiast, or foodie, Southampton has something for everybody. If you are living in Southampton, and are seeking fun ways to spend your free time, read on as this post explores some of the best things to do in this coastal town.

Visit Cooper’s Beach

Cooper’s Beach is the most popular destination in Southampton for locals and tourists alike. This well-known Beach features immaculate white quartz sand, grass-covered dunes, and great waves.

Besides, Cooper’s Beach is only a short distance away from shops and restaurants in Southampton. This Beach is open to everybody, but you must pay for parking. Enjoy the breathtaking sight of the shoreline, and some fun beach activities like swimming, and surfing.

Check Out the Exhibitions at the Parrish Art Museum

One of the top attractions in Southampton is the Parrish Art Museum near Water Mill. Water Mill is a hamlet located in Southampton.

This art museum is well-known for its vast collection of paintings by renowned artists, such as Donald Sultan, April Gornik, John Chamberlain, and more. The museum houses almost 3,000 pieces of art dating from the early 19th century to the present.

Tour the Halsey House and Garden

While there are numerous historic Southampton homes for sale you should not miss, some carry such a rich history that they now function more like museums. One great example is The Halsey House & Garden. The early residents of Southampton, Thomas Halsey, and his family, lived in this iconic mansion.

The Halsey Home is currently a charming historic structure filled with 17th and 18th-century items and the Halsey family’s original furnishings. Besides, the facility receives donations of artifacts and mementos from Southampton residents for public display.

Enjoy Outdoor Living at the Shinnecock East County Park

Shinnecock East County Park is a community park that borders the Shinnecock Inlet, which connects to the wide Atlantic Ocean. Unlike Cooper’s Beach, this park has a rocky and underdeveloped beach terrain, allowing you to enjoy its pristine natural beauty.

The shoreline of Shinnecock East County Park, which offers a picturesque view of the Atlantic Ocean, is something that many people love to revisit. This community park is also a popular fishing and camping area. You can stay here for several days, marveling at its natural beauty. 

Try Out Some Great Wine at Duck Walk Vineyard

Duck Walk Vineyard offers a relaxing experience like no other in Southampton. This area is well-known for its great wine tasting by the glass, or bottle on its pleasant patio. Take a stroll across its 140 acres of picturesque vineyards.

Alternatively, visit its winery, which produces over 5,000 cases of fine wine annually. Duck Walk Vineyard is popular for its award-winning Blueberry Port, Vidal Ice Wine, and other wine varieties.

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