How To Buy A Manufactured Home


A manufactured home also called a mobile home, is built in a factory and then moved to a permanent location. Buying a mobile home can be more complicated than buying a regular house. Find out how to buy a manufactured home.

What Is A Manufactured House?

Manufactured homes are built in a factory and then taken to a dealer, a plot of land, or a manufactured home community in one or more sections on a chassis, a permanent frame. Many people think a manufactured home can be moved, but most houses can’t be moved once they’ve been put in place.

How To Buy A Manufactured Home

Do you know how to buy a manufactured home? Getting a loan for a mobile home differs from getting a loan for a single-family home or a townhome. Lenders usually don’t see mobile homes as real estate but as personal property. In the past, loans for manufactured and modular homes were more like car loans than mortgages. They required higher credit scores, significant down payments, and interest rates.

Lenders are changing their minds about how they should help people buy manufactured homes. The quality of manufactured homes today is much better than in the past, making them last longer. In turn, buyer interest has increased the need for more traditional home loans for manufactured homes. Government-backed loans are ways to pay for a manufactured or modular home. Banks and home builders also offer more traditional loans and mortgages to people who want to buy a home.

The property conditions can change how a manufactured home can be financed. A homeowner is more likely to get a traditional mortgage with lower interest rates if they buy a good home, own the land it sits on, and build a permanent foundation for the house. The more a manufactured home looks like a real house, the better financing options the owners have.

How Much A Manufactured Home Cost

Your mobile home’s price will depend on a few things. For one thing, the actual cost of a home can vary based on how big it is. For instance, you can choose a single-wide, double-wide, or triple-wide floor plan and as many rooms as you want.

Remember that the house itself is not the only thing that will cost you money. You will also need to buy or rent the land it sits on. If you rent a space in a mobile home park, you must pay rent, utilities, and fees for shared amenities every month. Rent prices depend on where you live.