Cockroach Realities

Cockroach Realities: Addressing Concerns

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A cockroach infestation is usually linked with a dirty house, it can happen even in a clean home. Roaches are drawn to food, warmth, and water, which are available in any home. Nobody likes roaches in their homes as these pests carry diseases and an unpleasant odor. 

Although seeing a single roach inside your house might cause you to panic, this may not mean you have a serious infestation. But cockroaches tend to reproduce quickly. If you have spotted a few of them in your home, there may be more of them hiding in dark areas nearby. When not treated, your home can host hundreds of roaches in no time. So, it is best to contact a pest control expert as soon as you find a roach in your house. 

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Issues Associated with a Roach Infestation

Cockroaches are unsightly and make people cringe. Also, they are dangerous creatures as they can introduce different pathogens into your home. Cockroaches carry bacteria and can contaminate surfaces. They can even trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions. Because some kinds of spiders eat roaches, a roach infestation in your house can also lead to a spider infestation. To best defend your home against infestations, hire roach control services. 

Preventing a Cockroach Infestation from Happening

A roach infestation may be occurring in your house if you can find dead cockroaches, roach droppings, and eggs or if you can smell a musty odor that does not go away. To prevent roaches from infesting your home, here are steps you can take:

Clean your house thoroughly.

Roaches attack your home if they can find dirt and crumbs, which offer vital sources of food. To effectively prevent a roach infestation, clean up your kitchen right after cooking or eating. You must get rid of spills and crumbs on surfaces and floors and take the trash outside every day. Do not leave grease pills on counters and stove tops as they can also attract roaches. Food must be stored in the fridge or airtight containers. Do not leave baked goods and fruits on the countertop. In addition, make sure to put away your furry friends’ food and water. 

Keep your house free of clutter.

Roaches use clutter to keep themselves hidden from humans. So, decluttering and dusting your house frequently can prevent these unwanted visitors from setting up camp. Use plastic totes that have lids to store things rather than cardboard boxes. Keep away cardboard and newspaper because roaches may feed on them or use them as nesting materials. 

Close access points.

Coaches enter your house through wall cracks or under doors. Common weak entry points include gaps around doors and windows, foundation cracks, dryer vents, and attics. Use caulk to seal up entry points or install steel wool, spray foam, or fine mesh wire to bigger holes and piping. 

Repair leaks.

Roaches need water to survive. Pipe leaks and standing water are good sources of water for these pests. To prevent an infestation, check for plumbing leaks regularly and call a professional to repair them. 

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