5 Unique Types of Countertops That You Can Choose For Your Kitchen


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Following are few unique types that you can get your kitchen countertop changed to:

  1. Granite Countertop

Granite is rated one of the most sought out countertops for kitchen work. Its non-porous feature does not allow the stains to stick to it and makes it moisture-free. The components of granite are durable and fire and water-resistant. These days you will find more and more number of people using granite for their kitchen countertops. It is readily available in the market.

The granite kitchen countertop changes the entire look of your kitchen and makes it appear more elegant.

  1. Quartz Countertop

Quartz countertop has a mixed composition (approx. 93 per cent quartz stone and 7 per cent resin). This composition makes it look very natural. It brings a very smooth and rich appearance to your entire kitchen. Quartz is shock-resistant and anti-bacterial. After granite, quartz is the most widely used material for kitchen countertop across the globe.

You can choose from various textures and designs to match the design you have chosen for your kitchen.

  1. Wooden Countertop

Despite the varieties and latest trends available in the market, few people still go for wooden kitchen countertops. They believe in keeping things classic and not too modernized. There are multiple ways in which you can install wooden countertops. Wooden countertops work the best in earthquake prone areas. You can opt for a unique combination to create a style much appealing to others.

However, the maintenance of wooden countertop is regular and high due to its vulnerability.

  1. Dekton Countertop

Dekton is a material that is made out of a combination of more than twenty natural minerals. It does not get discoloured or loses its strength due to cold, heat or ultraviolet rays. It is non-porous in nature and hence it does not require any waterproofing. It is light-weight, but internally very strong. It is scrape-free and does not get bent alike granite. It gives a rough look to your kitchen.

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  1. Neolith Countertop

Of all the countertop materials, Neolith ranks the top in the whole world. It has won many awards for being 100 per cent natural. It has a sandy and dusky texture that will make your kitchen look completely different. This material is scratch-free and is resistant to extreme temperatures. Its waterproofing feature is commendable. The most important points for its purchase are it is 100 per cent recyclable and ecological.